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When you subscribe, you will receive a comprehensive  guide with the installation  process.  Additionally, you have a video guide available on our
YouTube channel.

Installation  Video Guide:

Whenever  you subscribe  to IHAVEABOT, you will need to send us your Machine ID, which is the identification of your NinjaTrader  platform.

You can find this number in the control center of the platform. In the Help menu,
choose the "About" option, and a window will appear displaying  your Machine ID.
We recommend  copying and pasting it to avoid errors, as the number is quite long.

Don't forget to send this number along with the name under which you subscribed  to the service via email.

You can check our Machine ID guide at the following:


-NinjaTrader platform (works with the free version)
-Account with a Broker, Funded Account, or Simulated Account

1- Click on this link

2- At the bottom, you will see a form to fill out that will grant you access to download the NinjaTrader  platform with real-time market data.

3- After completing  the form, you can download  the platform. In your downloads
folder, you will find the file that you need to run to begin the installation.

It is an algorithm  that autonomously trades in pre-defined markets. Once installed, there's nothing else to do – the algorithm  takes care of everything.

Live accounts (with a broker)
Funded company accounts
Simulated  accounts

IHAVEABOT trades automatically  in the Nasdaq futures index and the SP500, the
markets with the highest liquidity in the world. Nasdaq comprises  the top 100
technology companies globally, and the SP500 includes the 500 companies with the highest market capitalization on the NYSE. They are the most closely followed and representative  indices in the market for professional investors.

Vídeo Guide "Where does IHAVEABOT trade"

It's just a recommendation.​
Our Bot works with the NinjaTrader  platform, one of the most powerful and
well-known platforms globally. In addition to developing  the NinjaTrader  platform,
they provide brokerage  services, and your trades will go directly to the CME market without intermediaries.
We provide a link for you to review the information  and get in touch with them.

They offer sales and support assistance  in Spanish.

Among the options you have to use IHAVEABOT, there are funded accounts. These are companies  that provide you with the opportunity to qualify, through a test, to use their capital for trading. Prior to this, you have to pass a test without breaking any of their rules.
These types of accounts are for traders who do not have much experience  in real market trading or lack sufficient  capital.
These companies will provide you with the NinjaTrader platform and access to real-time market data, including the cost of the test.

NinjaTrader offers the opportunity to try their platform for free with real-time market data.
With this option, you can use any IHAVEABOT subscription plan.
By visiting this link, you can download the platform and open a simulated account:
If you need assistance with downloading and setting up the platform, refer to our installation guide in this YouTube video:

You can check our Calendar to know the holidays in the US and the recommended days NOT to trade with IHAVEABOT in the American market.

Indicative Calendar


Choose the plan that best suits your capital or the type of account you have.
You can easily switch plans to add more markets to your trading.
Just follow the steps of our secure payment gateway .
With three simple steps, you can start using IHAVEABOT.
For any inquiries,  remember that you can always contact our technical support via email.

Vídeo Guide "3 Steps to Start using IHAVEABOT"


Our subscription plans do not have any associated lock-in periods. You can cancel anytime you want on your user control panel.

Credit or Debit card

After you make the subscription  payment:
During business hours from Monday to Friday (Europe CEST -Madrid) from 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM, you can receive the algorithm  within 15 minutes.

Outside our business hours, you will receive the BOT within a maximum of 24 hours, considering the time zone difference of the country you are

La operación de futuros y forex sobrelleva riesgos substanciales y no es para todos los inversionistas. Un  inversionista, podría, potencialmente perder todo o más de la inversión inicial. Capital de Riesgo, es dinero que puede ser perdido, sin poner en juego la seguridad financiera o estilo de vida de la persona. Solo capital de riesgo debe ser utilizado para trading, y solo aquellas personas con suficiente capital de riesgo deben considerar trading. Resultados pasados, no son necesariamente indicativos de resultados futuros.

Resultados  hipotéticos  de  rendimiento  deben  tener  muchas  limitaciones inherentes, algunas de las  cuales se describen a continuación. No se debe hacer representación de que alguna de las cuentas va o es probable que tenga resultados similares a los mostrados; de hecho, hay diferencias frecuentes entre  los  resultados  hipotéticos  y  los  resultados  actuales  obtenidos  por cualquier  programa  de  trading.  Una  de  las  limitaciones  de  resultados hipotéticos  de  rendimiento  es  el  hecho  de  que  son  preparados  con  los beneficios en retrospectiva. Además, trading hipotético no involucra riesgo financiero, y ningún record de  trading hipotético puede considerar el riesgo financiero  de  operaciones  reales.  Por  ejemplo,  la  capacidad  de  resistir pérdidas o de adherirse a un programa de trading particular sin importar pérdidas  son  puntos  materiales  los  cuales  pueden  afectar  de  manera substancial resultados de trading real. Hay muchos factores relacionados a los mercados en general, o a la implementación de cualquier programa de trading especifico, los cuales no pueden ser todos considerados en la preparación de resultados hipotéticos, todos estos, pueden afectar los resultados de trading de forma adversa.